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Enjoy a life free from wobbly tables!

Enjoy a life free from wobbly tables!

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Odds are you have a wobbly table

In a recent survey, 60% of households currently live with a table that wobbles. Nearly half have no solution to fix this everyday annoyance. Stable the Table was specifically designed to be a complete solution of form and function.

The Complete Solution


Easy to use and stackable to handle any sized wobble

Flexible & Durable

For use indoor or out. Made from high tech compounds with UV protection that give it flexibility to accommodate slight table movements but firm enough to eliminate wobbles.

Attractive Design

Designed to NOT be noticed, Stable the Table comes in different colors and shapes to coordinate with your decor.

Choose your shape

Stable the Table comes in round and square shapes to work with round or square table legs.

Choose your color

Stable the Table comes in a variety of colors in order to coordinate with your flooring so as NOT to be noticed.

Pick how many

Whether you just need 6 or 20, we have options on several package quantities.



Awesome product!!! This is a practical, clever solution to the age old problem of unstable tables. Highly recommended!!!

Michael H.

Great little annoyance saver. Our kitchen dining nook hardwoods were warped due to rain. The flooring was salvageable, but my kitchen table became a tad bit wobbly. Thank you Stable the Table for saving my sanity.

Janice W.

Great/versatile product. Stable the Table has turned into my goto solution for wobbly furniture of all kinds. I have also found it very useful for my furniture that likes to slide on hardwood floors. Simple design, but such a useful product.

Irwin S.

No more sliding. I have placed the STT disc under my outdoor tables feet because the table would slide on the composite. Once in place the table doesn't move when bumped. Super easy way to fix an annoying problem.

Peter S.

The Good

Stable the Table is a functional and attractive solution for your wobble annoyances.

The Bad

Wooden and plastic shims become dislodged as a table is used and do not stack securely.

The Ugly

Paper napkins, coasters, business doesn't get uglier than that.

Featured product

6 Pack of Stable the Tables perfect for fixing a couple of wobbly tables around the house or out in the patio.  Just select your color and shape.

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Where are Stable the Tables made?

We are proud that Stable the Tables were invented, designed, and made in the USA. Check out our story in the "About Us" and "Developing the Solution" sections.

Are Stable the Tables available in stores?

We are working on putting Stable the Tables in retail stores so that our customers will have the convenience of shopping online or at a local retailer.