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About Us-The Inspiration

Stable the Table is a father and son team that was started several years ago from an idea to solve wobbly tables after a visit to one of our family's favorite restaurants.

Fairly often, when eating out, we found ourselves at a table that wobbled. The severity of the wobble directly correlated with the annoyance that came over us as our family had intended on enjoying an evening out together over one of our favorite meals.

The only solutions available seemed to be temporary at best, and at worst, more of an annoyance than the wobble itself. Drink coasters, wadded up napkins, silverware and/or placing someone’s foot on top of the table leg for the entire evening were some of the all too typical solutions that came to mind.

 There must be a better way!

 “Necessity is the mother of invention”—Plato

 And from that simple desire to find a better solution, we began to develop a permanent solution for tables that wobble, eventually becoming Stable the Table.