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Terms of Use


Stable The Table is designed as a solution to stop tables from experiencing a wobble.  Stable The Table is produced and distributed by Stable The Table, LLC and its sole intent of use is to eliminate a wobble that a table may experience because of uneven ground surfaces that prevent one or more of the table’s legs from making secure and constant contact with the ground under the table.  Stable The Table when used within its intent will help eliminate or reduce a table wobble caused by uneven ground surfaces.  Stable The Table will not reduce table wobbles related to tables that are not structurally sound (for example tabletops that are not secured properly to table frame or legs) or experience a table wobble for any reason other than uneven ground surfaces. 

Stable the Table is made of a hi-tech rubber-like compound that can act as an anti-slide device on smooth floor surfaces (such as hardwood floors) for certain types of furniture (including but not limited to tables, sofas and some stationary living room chairs).   Stable the Table may also be used under the above mentioned furniture legs to provide limited protection to floors against minor scratching provided that the bottom of the furniture legs in question are made of wood and are smooth to the touch, with no sharp points or surfaces which may pierce the Stable the Table.

Stable The Table is NOT intended to be used, nor is it designed as a structural solution for any application that requires a structural solution so that said application is safe from collapsing, caving, giving way or falling in any way.  Furthermore, Stable The Table is specifically NOT intended to be used as a shim for tall furniture of any kind (including but not limited to bookcases, bedroom dressers, wardrobe cabinets or armoires).  Tall furniture is defined as any furniture that is greater than 36 inches in height or has a center of gravity that would cause the furniture to tip over without securing the furniture properly as instructed by the manufacturer.   

Stable The Table, LLC will not be liable for any damages caused by use outside of its original intent and design of use detailed above.


Unused Stable The Tables should be kept in a safe place, away from the reach of small children or pets.  Whenever a table that is using one or more Stable The Tables is moved, it is imperative that the Stable The Tables used previously are either immediately re-used properly as defined above if needed, or removed from the floor and stored in a safe place, away from small children and pets.


Stable The Table will be free from manufacturing defects.  If defective, your exclusive remedy shall be, at Stable The Table LLC’s option, product replacement or refund.  Stable The Table, LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential.