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Fix your wobbly table in 3 easy steps!

What is Stable the Table?

Stable the Table is made of a hi-tech compound that perfectly fills the gap between a "short" table leg and an uneven floor surface.

  • Conforms to ANY gap
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Stackable to fit larger gaps
  • Options to match your decor
  • Durable and reusable
  • Made in USA
  • Guaranteed to work

Works on any surface!

Stable the Table was invented to solve wobbly tables. 
Available in attractive colors and shapes, Stable the Table was designed NOT to be noticed.

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60% of households currently live with a table that wobbles.



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What users are saying about Stable the Table?

"Awesome product!!!  This is a practical, clever solution to the age-old problem of unstable tables.  Highly recommended!!!"  - Michael H.

"Great little annoyance saver.  Our kitchen dining nook hardwoods were warped due to rain.  the flooring was salvageable, but my kitchen table became a tad bit wobbly.  Thank you Stable the Table for saving my sanity." - Janice W.

"We’ve had a table passed down by my grandmother that’s always been wobbly. This has helped and allows my young child to enjoy sitting at the table without trouble, as well." - Lindsay M.

"I have placed the STT disc under my outdoor tables feet because the table would slide on the composite. Once in place the table doesn’t move when bumped. Super easy way to fix an annoying problem." - Peter S.

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